Pressure Washing / Softwashing Services

We offer a variety of pressure washing applications including driveways, patios, decking, brickwork, fencing and outdoor furniture.  This involves the removal of the build up of dirt, as well as oil stains, rust, algae, moss and weeds. We also offer softwashing for more delicate surfaces using chemicals and low pressure.

We use biodegradable chemicals in our process, including a biocide to prevent regrowth of moss and algae.  

Roof Cleaning 

Moss Removal
We first remove the moss using wire brushes and blades that are shaped to fit each type of roof tile that enable us to scrape the moss off easily. We then empty all guttering using a high powered vacuum.

Biocide treatment
We apply a biocide to the roof by using low pressure applied via a waterfed pole. The biocide will kill biological growth at the root including algae, spores and lichen. This method helps prevent regrowth and continues to work over the coming weeks and months. After 3 months you will start to see the roof tiles slowly returning to their original colour. After 6 - 9 months they will be fully clean, and the biocide will continue to work to keep the algae from regrowing as fast. Although a slower process than pressure washing in terms of results, it is recommended to avoid damaging tiles and causing flooding in the property. We can also use other bleach based chemicals if a more instant result is required.

Gutter Clearing and Cleaning

We use a state of the art gutter vacuum system to clear any build up and blockages in your gutters.  If required we will unblock down spouts and flush the gutter out.
The system is complete with a camera to enable us to see if there are any blockages.

UPVC Cleaning

We use a water fed pole system to clean and restore all UPVC on your home, using biodegradable chemicals.  This includes facias, soffits, guttering, cladding, window frames, conservatories and conservatory roofs. 
For older UPVC we may recommend using a restorer cream, which will be applied by hand to enhance the look further. 

Render Cleaning

We use a softwashing method using a waterfed pole and chemicals to remove staining on render caused by a build up of moss and algae, bringing it back to it's original state. We then treat to help keep them cleaner for longer.